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About Aswin Cold Forge

Aswin Cold Forge Private Limited – A moniker for quality. A promise for customer satisfaction.

To succeed is hard. To sustain is harder. Aswin has managed to do both.

Since 1990, Aswin Cold Forge has continued to etch its distinguished mark in the forging industry with aplomb. Located in Ambattur, the industrial hub of Chennai, Aswin delivers to customers all over the world.

Aswin displays proficiency in manufacturing of cold forged & extruded components, machined & sheet metal components for automotive and engineering industries. Through embracing innovation and practicing latest engineering processes, Aswin has raised the bar in the way cold forging is utilized and requirements are met.

Aswin’s manufacturing facility contains

  • Horizontal Cold Heading Machines
  • Vertical Cold Forging Press
  • Single Spindle Auto Lathes
  • CNC Lathes
  • Milling Machines
  • Thread Rolling Machines

Cold Forging Explained

Cold Forging is the process of squeezing metal into a die at great pressure and the resultant part take the shape of the die.

The metal could be in the form of bar stock or wire stock. Fed into a forming machine, the stock is cut into desired length and formed using single heading station or progressively in subsequent heading station. Cold Forging is primarily used to manufacture nail, screws, bolts etc. Subsequent cold heading operations forms features such as knurls, slots on the head for screwdrivers etc.

Advantages of Cold Forging

Due to higher rate of production, cost-effectiveness and reduced material wastage, Cold Forging is ideal for long production run. The undisrupted grain flow ensures better strength and superior surface finish.

  • Our Vision
    To be the leader in cold forming industry by consistently delighting customers with innovative value added solutions. To foray into warm forging in the near future.
  • Safety Policy
    Our field staff and technicians are the heart and soul of the company. We take every necessary measure to safeguard their well-being. Employees are trained to adhere to safety standards such as wearing protective gears at all times and follow industry safety practices. Our insistence on safety is aimed at continuing our zero-accident track record.
  • Our Mission
    Delivering world-class services by developing and retaining the best talent and resources to ensure continued leadership in the cold forming industry.
  • Quality Policy
    Quality is our byword. Every product that comes out of our manufacturing unit is thoroughly checked in our sophisticated in-house laboratory. Defects are identified and sidelined early on. Our process ensures required dimensions are met with precision. Additionally, each product undergoes manual testing before being packed and shipped.



Feb 2012

TS 16949 certification.

Dec 2011

Commissioning of national m20 long stroke 4 stage boltmaker.

May 2010
Production of Cold Extruded Parts in knuckle joint presses.

April 2010

Achieved SQ mark certification from Hyundai motor India.

Sep 2009
Achieved 100 PPM certification from Hyundai motor India.

Oct 2007

Company changed to private limited firm.

Aug 2006

Capacity to produce 5 million parts per month.

May 2004

Multi-stage cold heading facility.

June 2000

ISO 9001:2000 certification.

April 2000

Started supplies to Hyundai as tier 2 vendor .